Top Achievement was founded in 1998 by Gene Donohue of Simpsonville SC.

While still working for a leading mail-order computer company, Gene started a company in 1996 called Gap Mtn Technologies in order to explore the brave new world called the Internet. After experimenting with different themes and concepts, in 1997 he started focusing the subject of his online presence towards the field of personal development.

Gene had become a student of self improvement during his days in outside sales and he credits his success in sales and other endeavors by employing the concepts and strategies he had learned throughout the years.

The self help revolution on the Internet was still in its infancy when Gap Mtn Technologies began publishing the “Personal Achievement Quote of the Day” on December 26, 1997. This daily publication is now one of the oldest and most widely read “Achievement Quote” services on the Internet today with over 21,000 opt-in subscribers from all over the world.

After launching The Personal Achievement Quote of the Day, Gap Mtn Technologies began to add articles and products to its web site revolving around the art of goal setting and other personal development and motivational themes. In 1998, the traffic to the Gap Mtn site continued to increase and the amount of subscribers to the quote service reached into the thousands.

In October of 1998, in order to more accurately reflect the niche Gap Mtn Technologies had carved out, TopAchievement.com and Gene Donohue hit the Internet on a full-time basis to a very enthusiastic audience.

Today, Top Achievement is on-track for our goal of becoming a leading online personal development community by supplying articles, coaching services, daily motivators, archived Internet radio broadcasts and a discussion board to the members of our ever increasing community.

What we have accomplished so far is extraordinary considering the online environment over the past few years. We have not had the deep pockets that other Internet companies have had and consequently we have had controlled growth. We believe this will be a major factor in leading us to achieving our goal.

Welcome to Top Achievement!


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