Miracles Do Happen

I’m a radiographer (Aussie version of an X-ray technician) in a small private practice. A patient whose doctors had just discovered he had bowel cancer came to me for a CT scan and, unfortunately, the result was not good, with huge metastases in his liver.

Once this type of cancer has reached that stage it’s usually only a matter of time before the end.

He suspected the truth and even though it’s not my place to discuss the results with the patients, while waiting for his family to come and collect him we had a chat. I told him about another patient whose first scan showed tumors on both kidneys that were inoperable and a sure death sentence who’d gone to a Naturopath-MD near our practice. Set on a path of a healthy diet, meditation, visualization and a lot of mindpower, this man had astounded us all. About eight months and three scans later, the tumors had totally disappeared.

I told the current patient that miracles do happen. He asked for a pen and paper, wrote down those three words and stuck the note in his shirt pocket, and asked for the name of the Naturopath-MD.

After the conservative treatment of bowel surgery and chemotherapy, he returned for a follow-up scan, and his liver had improved far more than expected. This, he believed, was due to the alternative treatment supplementing the conservative.

Over the next few months he returned for regular follow-up scans. The last time I saw him I was absolutely thrilled to find only a trace of the biggest metastasis left. He did come back once more, unfortunately while I was on vacation.

But he asked the office staff to give me a message. Apparently he patted his pocket and said, “Tell her I still read it every day.” And yes, his last scan was perfectly normal.

Miracles do happen.

by Marg Riseley


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