Finding The Time

by Liz Sumner (

How often have you heard yourself say, “if only I could find the time?” Yes, our lives are full and fast-paced, but we seem to find the time for certain activities­the ones we consider important. Why is it that regular exercise and writing that book get put off endlessly while work, commuting, and other people’s priorities expand to fill all the hours in a day? Are you choosing what’s important or is it choosing you?

A model presented by the Academy for Coach Training* states that Intention + Attention = Manifestation. Intention is the choice and the desire. Attention is the energy, the resources, and the value we give. Manifestation is the result­the achievement of the goal. In other words, if you choose something and make it important, you’ll get what you want.

But the equation works another way. You have manifested everything in your life to some degree. If you are getting certain results, then in some form you have chosen it, and you are giving it value. Ask yourself what your daily activities say about what’s important to you? You might believe that health and creativity are high on your list of values, but does your life reflect that?

Take a look at this brief list of values (and add your own). What are the top five that you believe in most strongly? Now think about last week and how you spent your time. Which values were represented? How does that compare with your deep beliefs?


 Accomplishments  Control Independence Religion
Adventure  Creativity Justice Risk
Aesthetics Dependability Knowledge Romance
Approval Faith Love Security
Art  Fame Loyalty Self-Expression
Beauty  Family Marriage Self-Care
 Caring  Flexibility Mastery Service
 Caution  Freedom Money Solitude
 Challenge Friendship Music Spirituality
 Change  Fun Nature Structure
 Children  Generosity Objectivity Timeliness
 Comfort  Growth Openness Trust
 Commitment  Harmony Peace Uniqueness
 Companionship  Health Quiet Wealth
 Conformity  Helpfulness Recognition Wholeness
 Conservation  Honesty Relaxation Work


Of course, generating an income will show up as a major time-consuming activity for most of us, but is it also a manifestation of your creativity, your achievement, and your friendships? Is providing money the primary way you want to demonstrate your commitment to family?

Given the finite number of hours in a day, finding the time can only come from reassessing your priorities. What is truly important? Take your five top values and ask yourself, “what is one decision I can make this week to give this value more importance?” Then ask, “what in my life is taking more resources than it deserves (based on my core beliefs), and what is one thing can I do this week to reduce that imbalance?”

Start manifesting your intentions by giving attention to what’s truly important. The time has come.

* LYV Enterprises, Inc.
Liz Sumner, M.A. is a Life Coach and Organization Consultant specializing in goal-setting, action-planning, and group facilitation. For more information and a free 30-minute coaching call point your browser to



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