Taking Action to Eliminate False Beliefs

By Julie Jordan Scott
The America West terminal at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor airport is spread out like a spider web. One early afternoon last February, I crisscrossed the terminal repeatedly. It was one of those occasions where the gate for my flight kept changing. As soon as I got to the new gate, I was directed to another gate, which
required trekking from one hallway to another. Each time I journeyed across an expansive bridge connecting the hallways.

America West was generous in providing moving sidewalks so its patrons could increase the speed with which they traveled along the path from gate to gate to gate and back again. The first time I had to change gates I power walked on the moving sidewalk, fast fast fast, and I barely noticed when the sidewalk ended. I would feel an extra push as the momentum from the sidewalk escorted me from it, but I welcomed the extra speed it gave me.

By the third time across the sidewalk, I was giggling to myself, more into the people watching mode than the “get to the gate as efficiently as possible” mode. I had moved from the sublime to the ridiculous. I was inert, almost drugged as I stood on the sidewalk as it catapulted me from its end.

So it is with any kind of action. If the world is moving along, like the sidewalk, and you are in a deep freeze of inactivity, you will get thrust awkwardly into the world. If, on the other hand, you are already in the flow with the activity of the world, when you come to the “end of the sidewalk” you will barely notice the power
of the thrust because you are already living, breathing, becoming a part of the action. You will welcome the additional “ooomph” yet it will not throw you off kilter.

False beliefs keep us frozen in the arctic tundra of action. They keep us motionless in the parched desert of inactivity. When you allow them to, they will form a crater around any level of possibility thinking you can muster.

I called Dr. Laura Schlesinger almost nine years ago on her radio program before she went national. She gave me some advice I have used over and over. She advised me, “Do not give your power over to other people.” Along those same lines, Coach Julie says, “Do not give your power over to your false beliefs.”

The surest way to maintain your powerful edge over false beliefs is to simply take action to the contrary of the false belief . This will take remove the chains of false beliefs from your hands quickly. The amount of positive energy you create from embracing the opposite of your false belief will amaze you. So simple, so true.

If your false belief is that you are not athletic, challenge yourself athletically. Remove all roadblocks to your own success and be amazed as you bridge your own gap.

If your false belief says you are not artistic, create your own brand of artistry. You may not be an impressionist painter, but you will be able to craft something unique. That is a guarantee.

If your false belief says you can not network, challenge yourself to contact three new people and begin to form new relationships. What is the worst that can happen? Your contact can reject your advance. So? How does this change your daily existence? Not at all, if you adhere to the true belief that you are a precious and
unique person, put on this planet for your own true purpose. It’s their loss. Now go on to the next person.

Create your world as you would prefer for it to be, instead of reacting to a world of someone else’s creation.

Choose today to eliminate false thinking from your mind’s vocabulary. When you “hear” your thoughts walking that path of inertia, take the power away from them. Say STOP! Replace this false belief with a Truth. Take action on truth. Watch the amazing course that flow unfold before you.

Julie Jordan Scott is the Director of Live Passionately Today and a certified Life Purpose Coach, writer and speaker.


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