The 5 “Signs” You’re About To Give Away Your Integrity

by Larry Nelson

Honesty is a very delicate subject to talk about. In some circles, no one would be so tactless as to even bring it up. Pirates, convicts, swindlers, bankers, lawyers, and politicians often proclaim loudly their honesty.

Let’s look at the definition of the word Honest:

Having a sense of honor; having honorable feelings, motives, or principles; free from deceit or hypocrisy; true, candid, upright or just in speech and action; fair in dealing, or sincere in utterance; worthy to be trusted

All dishonesty is only self-deception.

Sometimes to avoid or lessen our sense of guilt when we are dishonest, we create the identities of others who deserve to be cheated, robbed, or lied to in some way. Then by the denial of responsibility for these creations, we reinforce the illusion that these identities are “real” and exist separately and independently out of our control.

When we deny our own creations, we pass negative judgments. Our lives go out of control and become subject to fortune and fate.

The good news is this! When we drop the pretense of who we are and what we are, we can start a course in the direction of becoming more honest with ourselves.

As we begin revealing to ourselves the patterns of our own self-deception we may want to change directions. In some instances it will mean breaking old habits and replacing them with new constructive actions. For awhile we might feel out of control and swept along. But if we persist, we will discover we travel the path of mastery.

Here are 5 signals that tell me I am losing my integrity.

1. When I am quick to find errors in others, I have failed to correct myself.

2. When my acts are designed to persuade another, I doubt myself.

3. When I experience struggle with the world, I have denied responsibility for my own creations.

4. When I feel separate and alone, I have failed to forgive.

5. When events repeat themselves in my life, there is a lesson I need to learn.

In Summary, the key is taking responsibility for you! Not being responsible for one’s own creations is self-deception.

Honesty determines the willingness to integrate with others. To make the connection! Life is about connecting with others.

Any individual can become more honest. To become more honest with ourselves is also becoming more honest with each other and is an honorable goal.

Larry Nelson was the co-founder of Pinnacle Support Systems. PSS and its certified success coaches provide a comprehensive living support system design to help their clients achieve their goals, whatever they may be.



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